was born in 2020 from the idea of ​​Annalisa & Manuel (in a boat you give yourself) thanks to the strong determination to carry out a very ambitious project whose purpose is precisely to give, as happens with navigation lights, the reliable and precise indications about the priorities and the “route” to be followed for a lasting and safe navigation.

After a professional experience in the field of Telecommunications for one and Information Technology for the other, the breaking of the waves in their veins leads them over the years to translate their experience in the field of on-board electricity: a (nice) pretext to stay in contact with seawater as much as possible. Manuel, radio amateur and radiotelegraphist, expert in radio communications, electrical engineering and desalinators, is particularly passionate about the phenomenon of corrosion from galvanic and stray currents.

They sail aboard various boats and having been the owners of an aluminum sailing ship has induced in them a considerable background on the delicate aspects that relate on-board systems, especially with metal hulls.

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Alessandro gets bigger!

And – among us boomers – Alessandro is not a naval electrician but a talented young graduate, what our team needed.

A true Leo, he is not afraid of difficulties that simply need to be solved, whatever the cost. His true passion is the football that he started kicking before he even knew how to walk, the discipline that taught him tenacity and determination which will benefit all customers. In fact, he deserves the credit for spreading electricity on board, as we understand it, even on the web.

Alessandro is the manager of the e-commerce sector for, reachable in the shop section of our site.

Everything we have not said about him, you can guess from the photo of him!

elettricista di bordo fiumicino nettuno civitavecchia