We create electrical systems on merchant ships, ships and pleasure boats, installation of on-board tools and equipment such as: battery chargers, charge distributors, inverters, GPS Plotter, navigation and government systems, wind station, state of charge monitoring systems , tank levels, AIS, Navtex, galvanic isolator (zinc saver), DC / DC voltage converter with galvanic isolation and anything else related to on-board electricity

Installazione plotter cartografico
Installazione generatore
Installazione caricabatterie
Installazione plotter cartografico
Installazione inverter
Installazione motore elettrico Torquedoo
Installazione centralina monitoraggio motore
Installazione plotter cartografico
Dettaglio circuito di bonding
Installazione generatore Dynamica Mini 60E

We install VHF and HF (SSB) radio systems also for data traffic and meteofax reception. We check the perfect efficiency of on-board radio stations with the help of professional equipment

Verifica sistema di antenna con analizzatore
Radio HF/SSB
Controllo effettiva potenza in trasmissione

We are Full Service Providers and resellers for Southern Italy of Spectra Watermakers, watermakers with energy recovery technology that stand out for their low power consumption and the high quality of the materials used: the most reliable and silent on the market.

Spectra Watermaker: Menorquin 150 install
Spectra Catalina 340 Alubat Ovni 43
Spectra Watermakers Clark pump complete overhaul
Spectra Watermakers Remote Control
Spectra Watermakers Catalina 340R Install
Spectra Watermakers Ventura 150 complete overhaul

For the realization of our on-board electricity services, we only use  high quality products, including – for the wiring and connected accessories – Ancor Marine Grade ™ designed in accordance with the most stringent standards such as those dictated by safety regulations. UL 1426 and USCG (US Coast Guard – Charter boat), meeting the ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council) technical specifications and approved by the NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association).

The proprietary vinyl coating of Ancor cables makes them extremely flexible even at temperatures down to -40 ° C and resistant to abrasions, sea water, battery acid, oil, diesel and ultraviolet radiation ensuring insulation up to 600 volts in temperatures conditions up to 105 ° C in dry conditions and 75 ° C in a humid environment.


Corrosion tests are carried out on marine units with the aid of a Silver/Silver Chloride (Ag/AgCl) half cell in order to verify the necessary and correct anodic protection and exclude the presence of harmful galvanic currents. In this context, it is also always necessary to check for any “stray currents” or leaks, which are far more damaging than the former.

Corrosion Tester
Sonda Ag/AgCl

The essential insulation checks between the different metal structures of the unit and all other equipment, are carried out only and exclusively with the unit in dry condition. We like to know the electricity on board of your boat at 360°

Tester ICE 680R

Contrary to what is usually widespread, the problem of galvanic currents and the corrosion induced by them does not exclusively concern metals and/or the units built with them. Corrosive phenomena can in fact occur on fiberglass structures, wood and other composites. Pay attention to galvanic currents and never skimp on the care of the on-board electrical system!!

Corrosione deriva
Corrosione deriva
Corrosione deriva
Corrosione elica


With planned and personalized checks during the entire period of parking, we take care of your systems, thus ensuring the long-lasting existence of your unit and consequently the market value that a perfectly efficient boat deserves. For us, the on-board electrical system does not know how to store

Most of the problems associated with the on-board electrical systems occur due to poor maintenance and/or inactivity. It is in the period of storage (or non-use) that the best conditions occur that can give rise to future problems. Electricity on board also means knowing how to do prevention!

Ossidazione cablaggio di scarsa qualità
Incuria quadro elettrico
Sostituzione interruttore magnetotermico
Lagoon 50 Ossidazione
Jet Thruster Ossidazione
Scheiber Lagoon Ossidazione